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Awesome! Finally, you have done your eyebrow embroidery after much research and consultation. Looking amazing and confident everyday is a great feeling. It has been a couple of months after the procedure and now you might wonder, did the touch up session necessary? Yes! We always advise and encourage our clients to come back for a retouch session to ensure we have achieved our clients  desire eyebrows and the client is also satisfied with their eyebrows.


3D eyebrow embroidery

3D eyebrow embroidery is a coloring based technique whereby coloring pigment will be drawn onto skin to create hair-like strokes for a more natural look.

6D eyebrow embroidery

This technique known as Nono because it uses a small tool with tiny needles approximately of 0.18cm needles to add pigment to skin .The hairstrokes created by using blades which creates fine slices into skin.

Korean eyebrow embroidery

This is a unique technique where your eyebrows will look more natural and beautiful just like applying eyebrow powder. This is a painless process and the colour will not fade as days goes on because the colour ink very much depends on the skin’s metabolism.

Man Eyebrow Embroidery

Looking great and good not only applicable to women but also for men! We also have men customers enquiries on Eyebrow Embroidery. However, different technique will be use for men compared to women, for more thicker and stronger eyebrows. This technique will help to add fine hairline strokes carefully on part of the eyebrow for more natural and manly look.

touch up


This technique highly requested for colour correction that has faded or the tone color changed.


Correction of color that has faded. 


Skin exfoliation stone mixed with aloe vera gel. 

Eye liner


Lash enhancement semi permanent tattoo along the top or bottom lash lines. 


Fill up the gaps along the lash lines to accentuate the eyes to look bigger. 


Why is touch up important?

The purpose of retouch session is to refine the shape and colour of the eyebrow and this will certainly ensure that the eyebrow colour will be maintained for a longer period of time.Usually Eyebrow embroidery colour can fade naturally within one year. In order to maintain your desired colour , a retouch session is necessary for every 12months and continues until maximum 24 months. After the procedure of eyebrow embroidery the pigments may fade within 4 weeks. This could lead to change in eyebrow colour tone due to the healing process of the skin .This is normal for the eyebrow colour shade varnish after the procedure because the ink only penetrated through epidermis.   Don’t worry, we can fix the  unfixed area in touch up session and this is the main reason we required our client to come for touch up session.We will rectify all the issues if any in the 1st procedure.Usually after the touch up session the eyebrow embroidery should last for 1 to 2 years.Thus, this very much  depends on the skin type and skin routine which will differ for everyone.


Touch Up

Man eyebrow



Generally retouch process is to correct irregularities and ensure the colour tone is perfect and of course this is to ensure the eyebrow embroidery to last longer. The same procedure of anaesthesia, drawing and embroidery will be repeated for touch up session. As the initial period lotion will be applied before 15 minutes of the procedure to numb the eyebrow area. Since a traditional hand held tool used to create little incision for the creation of tiny fine line resulting the stands looks so instinctive  and perfect until no one will realise you have undergone the eyebrow embroidery. Rest assured, after the touch up period the colour tone will look even more darker and to ensure the eyebrow embroidery last longer!

The aftercare step is very important and needs more attention. Bear in mind, for oily skin type there is a high possibility for the colour to fade quicker because the production of the oil can cause the pigment more lighter and fade quicker. Other factors that can cause the colour fade quicker  are smoking, sun exposure and strong immune system. Don’t worry! Here we have provided some guidelines to prolong the lifespan of eyebrow embroidery colour and all these steps need to be followed for every eyebrow embroidery procedure or retouch up process:

  • Do not wet the eyebrow area for 7 days after the procedure and make sure the area dry and clean.
  • Apply the cooling cream provided by the beautician as directed .Do not pick off any scabs that will form during the healing process as it might cause an infection. Once the skin is completely dry, the scab will peel off.
  • Do not apply any makeup on the eyebrow area for at least 10 days as the skin is still in the healing process and this may cause infection as well.
  • Avoid from alcohol  and consuming blood thinners medication for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • No swimming, saunas and tanning for at least 2 weeks.
  • Do not apply any skin care products for 2 weeks as it might cause skin irritation and slow down the healing process 

Always remember  to strictly follow your beautician instructions on aftercare eyebrow embroidery especially on the steps to clean the eyebrows and applying cream. This is essential to ensure the healing process goes well and help in achieving your desired eyebrow.

Rest assured by following the proper guidelines and advice given by our beautician the embroidery will last at least 18 to 24 months.

Types of Eyebrow Embroidery


3D eyebrow embroidery uses a tiny blade to cut the skin in a stroke


6D eyebrow embroidery uses finer blades to draw on lighter and more defined eyebrows


Korean eyebrow embroidery uses coloured pigment implanted beneath the skin


Misty eyebrow embroidery creates a powder drawn look


Is eyebrow embroidery painful?

Numbing cream will be applied before the tattoo process to dull the pain of the needle and this will ensure your relief from the pain. You may only feel slight pain.

Does it need time to heal?

There is always a healing process for every tattoo and same goes to eyebrow or eyeliner embroidery which means the skin needs time to heal. The skin needs to be protected from any bacteria and just need to follow the basic wound care process  to ensure it heals well.  Our eyebrow artist will provide the guide to care for healing.

Is there potential of scarring?

Microblading is a famous technique used for eyebrow tattoo and if performed correctly , will not leave a scar. Our eyebrow artist are highly skilled with years of experience.

Is it a permanent fix?

This is known as semi permanent tattoo which means the eyebrow embroidery can last for 2 to 3 years very much depends on skin type and skincare routine of each individual.

Does the color fade?

Definitely but it very much depends on skin type and skin care routine. Therefore a touch up session is necessary and our service includes one touch up session.

How long does a microblading session take?

It can take up to few hours and mostly depends on your preference. Our tattoo therapist need  to ensure you are satisfied  with the design and suitable for you.

Will my eyebrows look identical?

Definitely not. One should understand and accept that the eyebrow embroidery  will not create an identical eyebrow.  However eyebrow embroidery can give you a harmony and natural look on your face.

Is it a good idea to go for a trial consultation?

Definitely. Consulting our beauty therapist will give you a good understanding on your skin and a good analysis on the shapes and colours to be chosen.Besides, this will also help to understand the embroidery procedure more precisely.

Can bad eyebrow tattoos be removed?

Yes, it can be done by laser treatment and the treatment depends on age, size and type of tattoo. In fact, many women in the past who had undergone  the eyebrow tattooing using the traditional method of using single needle had to use laser treatment to remove the eyebrow tattoo. However, this situation is not needed with Microblading because the colour of the eyebrow embroidery will fade after 1 to 2 years.


The artist was able to come to my place after working hours to accommodate my busy schedule. Very happy with her work.

Joyce Lee

I had lot of concerns at first, they explain everything in details and the artist was calming and assuring embroidering me.

Melanie Teo

This is my second time embroidering yet it is far less pain then my first experience. I would highly recommend their service.

Yee Leng

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