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All through time, men and women have regarded eyebrows to be a statement of beauty, or more accurately, character. We take much trouble in ensuring its growth from a young age, then we tweeze, shape, draw to achieve perfectness, daily. Some have resorted to tattooing, but this involves using solid colour. A more popular option that allows for a natural yet bold look is Eyebrow Embroidery. The natural look is achieved by using soft and small strokes, like that of a feather, to resemble one’s own eyebrow growth.


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Eyebrow Types & Designs


There are enough number of terms and types of eyebrow embroidery to make anyone confused! The seemingly endless list includes, microblading, powder gradient, korean eyebrows, misty eyebrows, ombre shading,3D, 4D, 6D, 9D and mesobrows. Some terms refer to the type of embroidery while others refer to the shape, for instance, korean eyebrow does not refer to a technique, instead it refers to the eyebrow shape without an arch. Having said this, we do not really need to worry about these terms, because regardless of method, the vital part of this procedure is the eyebrow shape. We are all unique with different shapes of face and varying proportions of each facial feature. Therefore, thickness and the perfect angle of the arch, all matter in making the facial features appear proportionate. As consumers, it is best for us to allow the eyebrow therapist specialist to guide and advise us on the design that will fit our face. At a later stage, the shape can be adjusted to reconcile, what fits us with that which we like.

Types of Eyebrow Embroidery


3D eyebrow embroidery uses a tiny blade to cut the skin in a stroke


6D eyebrow embroidery uses finer blades to draw on lighter and more defined eyebrows


Korean eyebrow embroidery uses coloured pigment implanted beneath the skin


Misty eyebrow embroidery creates a powder drawn look


This new embroidery technique is just like applying eyebrow powder. Unlike traditional tattooing, it will not turn red, neither blue as time goes which gives you a whole new eyebrow experience. Generally, eyebrow embroidery lasts for approximately 2 years depending on the color that is used and one’s skin type. It gives a more solid defined appearance and is usually a longer lasting option.

The colours to be used during the procedure are derived by mixing pigments with the best quality. It is also customised for each person. Tattoo gun or ink is not used to ensure eyebrow outcomes looks completely natural, at the end of the two-hour embroidery process. You will be good to go as soon as the procedure is over, however, due to some scabbing and individual skin recovery tendencies, a touch up session will be carried out, every 1-3 months, after the first session. In being transparent, you need to be prepared to experience the discomfort you would feel when tweezing your eyebrows. That is pretty much the intensity of discomfort expected, however, this will be further minimised with creams to numb the area, both pre and post-procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Well imagine this? Waking up to perfect eyebrows, without needing to worry about drawing, filling in, smudging and smearing. Imagine not needing to worry about looking weird with one eyebrow drawn differently from the other. Imagine looking beautiful as if makeup was just put on even towards late evening after a long day. Well, we are proud to say that we have been experienced in eyebrow embroidery since 2010 and we are now bringing this procedure closer to you. Yes, you heard me right, we can now perform eyebrow embroidery at the comfort of your own home at your own leisure time.

The colours we use are Swiss-made, natural and AZO dye-free. They have been subjected to the German derma testing as well Switzerland’s SGS test, therefore, certified to be toxic-free, irritant-free and allergen-free, for all skin types. Further, in line with any beauty and health procedures, our tools and needles are all, one time use and throw.

So, for an amazingly life changing decision, and for much more confidence in the beauty that lies ahead, do drop us a message to arrange an appointment.


Is eyebrow embroidery painful?

Numbing cream will be applied before the tattoo process to dull the pain of the needle and this will ensure your relief from the pain. You may only feel slight pain.

Does it need time to heal?

There is always a healing process for every tattoo and same goes to eyebrow or eyeliner embroidery which means the skin needs time to heal. The skin needs to be protected from any bacteria and just need to follow the basic wound care process  to ensure it heals well.  Our eyebrow artist will provide the guide to care for healing.

Is there potential of scarring?

Microblading is a famous technique used for eyebrow tattoo and if performed correctly , will not leave a scar. Our eyebrow artist are highly skilled with years of experience.

Is it a permanent fix?

This is known as semi permanent tattoo which means the eyebrow embroidery can last for 2 to 3 years very much depends on skin type and skincare routine of each individual.

Does the color fade?

Definitely but it very much depends on skin type and skin care routine. Therefore a touch up session is necessary and our service includes one touch up session.

How long does a microblading session take?

It can take up to few hours and mostly depends on your preference. Our tattoo therapist need  to ensure you are satisfied  with the design and suitable for you.

Will my eyebrows look identical?

Definitely not. One should understand and accept that the eyebrow embroidery  will not create an identical eyebrow.  However eyebrow embroidery can give you a harmony and natural look on your face.

Is it a good idea to go for a trial consultation?

Definitely. Consulting our beauty therapist will give you a good understanding on your skin and a good analysis on the shapes and colours to be chosen.Besides, this will also help to understand the embroidery procedure more precisely.

Can bad eyebrow tattoos be removed?

Yes, it can be done by laser treatment and the treatment depends on age, size and type of tattoo. In fact, many women in the past who had undergone  the eyebrow tattooing using the traditional method of using single needle had to use laser treatment to remove the eyebrow tattoo. However, this situation is not needed with Microblading because the colour of the eyebrow embroidery will fade after 1 to 2 years.


The artist was able to come to my place after working hours to accommodate my busy schedule. Very happy with her work.

Joyce Lee

I had lot of concerns at first, they explain everything in details and the artist was calming and assuring embroidering me.

Melanie Teo

This is my second time embroidering yet it is far less pain then my first experience. I would highly recommend their service.

Yee Leng

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